Coming: Greater Open Source Integration for OpenStack

New push for better integration means more solutions to real world challenges, more valuable to the enterprise.

Now that we’re back from the OpenStack Summit in Sydney, we want to share the Rackspace view on an exciting announcement from the OpenStack Foundation: its intent to expand OpenStack’s ability to integrate with more open-sourced technologies.

From the Foundation’s announcement:

The OpenStack Foundation and community are investing significant financial and technical resources in a four-part strategy to address integration of OpenStack and relevant open source technologies: documenting cross-project use cases, collaborating across communities, including upstream contributions to other open source projects,fostering new projects at the OpenStack Foundation, and coordinating end-to-end testing across projects.

“As open source leaders, we’ll fail our user base if we deliver innovation without integration, meaning the operational tools and knowledge to put it all into production,” said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. “By working together across projects, we can invest in closing this gap and ensuring that infrastructure is not only open but also consumable by anyone in the world.”

With a clear focus on open infrastructure, the OpenStack Foundation will collaborate closely with other open source projects and foundations, including joint events, testing and upstream contributions to adjacent projects.

 “Collaboration across foundations and communities is essential for open source to reach its full potential,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “We need to support each other and make sure open technologies work well together in order to build user and ecosystem value around these shared assets.”

The OpenStack Foundation and community announced several initiatives to support its integration strategy this week at the OpenStack Summit, including OpenLab, the Public Cloud Passport Program and the Financial Services Team.

That’s an exciting shift for the Foundation. The open source community has traditionally not done a great job overcoming challenges in integrating and operating open-source technologies to solve real-world problems. The Foundation sees that, knows that many open source technologies are useful in an OpenStack environment and wants to help different open source technologies (and communities) engage, interact and work together.

Rackspace supports this initiative and will work with the community to help drive its progress. As the leading private cloud-as-a-service provider, Rackspace integrated multiple leading open source technologies years ago to pioneer the OpenStack private cloud as a service consumption model. And we continue to add new, innovative open source technologies like Kubernetes to our as-a-service offering to ensure our customers can continue to consume rich cloud services from our future-proof platform.

Integration was a key theme at the Summit. As I described in an earlier post, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia uses OpenStack as its integration engine, to deliver a CI/CD environment throughout their technology stack. And we’ve helped other customers leverage OpenStack and other leading open source technologies to meet their specific needs and use case.

Our talks in Sydney included “Fanatical Partnerships in OpenStack,” about our efforts to make OpenStack even better for enterprises and their end users. We’ve also been writing about our experiences with open source technologies in OpenStack, including this post about how well HAProxy, a leading open source technology for load balancing, works in an OpenStack environment.

It’s an exciting time in OpenStack’s history, and we’re glad to be a part of it. If you want to experience what a successful approach to OpenStack private cloud looks like, along with help integrating other open source technologies like Kubernetes, sign up now for a strategy session with us. We’re ready to help.

Christian Foster is the Senior Director of Marketing for the OpenStack Cloud business. A Racker since 2013, he has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and strategy roles including eCommerce, brand management, product marketing, operations, demand generation, executive communications, media relations, and corporate strategy. Christian holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Baylor University and is a native of Austin, Texas. When he is not on the golf course or working out, Christian and his wife Megan can be found spending time with their 11-year-old daughter, seven-year-old son, and a King Charles Spaniel named Ellie.


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