How Companies are Saving Millions with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Enterprise IT development teams across the world have similar frustrations: they want to spend their time writing code and deploying quickly, not putting out fires and waiting around during six month release cycles.

Which makes sense; think how many more customer-centric applications and updates could be deployed if developers were able to focus on what they do best: code.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry gives organizations this ability. A cloud-native application platform, Pivotal Cloud Foundry enables developers to create and deliver software more quickly by automatically deploying application code to an elastic, scalable, and fully managed cloud infrastructure platform — either on-premises or in a public cloud.  

A recent Forrester study commissioned by Pivotal which analyzed the benefits PCF customers see when adopting the platform found that developers gain 50 percent more coding hours a week. How? The automation and self-service features of Pivotal Cloud Foundry decrease manual and mundane deployment tasks. Wait times for environment setup and code to be prompted to production are also significantly reduced.

That 50 percent gain in coding hours led to more releases per year, speeding up release schedules from once every two months to once a week — and sometimes even daily. Forrester estimates this increase in productivity equates to more than $31 million over three years, while the reduction in DevOps time allocated to provisioning, patching and scaling across multiple clouds at almost $6 million.

Better yet, you don’t have to manage PCF alone. With Rackspace’s managed services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, you’ll get our deep expertise in all the leading technologies across apps, data, security and infrastructure. Our engineers take a proactive, results-obsessed approach to deploying and managing workloads on PCF, further increasing customer time-to-value and expanding the cost benefits Forrester recognized.

Check out the infographic below for more economic benefits of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and check out the full report from Pivotal. Then learn how your team can deploy faster and focus on core operations with Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry from Rackspace.

Brooke Jackson is a product marketing manager for Rackspace Private Cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure Stack, Hyper-V and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She has been a Racker since 2009 and has more than 15 years of experience in product management and marketing. Brooke earned her BS and MBA from Virginia Tech, and lives in Blacksburg, VA with her family. You can find Brooke on LinkedIn.


  1. So Pivotal funded a study which said Pivotal is great? I mean are the readers that stupid not to realize what is going on here? What if the analyst firm has found that Pivotal sucks? Would they have had the guts to say that and ask for money from the same Pivotal? What clients need less of is a vendor sponsored appreciation of its own ilk. They need an independent neutral perspective, can someone give those please?


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