Compare NoSQL Options by Watching the “Non-Relational Database Smackdown”

When I mention to developers that I work at Rackspace and we are supporters of Cassandra, a common response I get is “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to look into that as well as CouchDB and MongoDB.  I should know more about those.”  I agree.

At South by Southwest Interactive, Rackspace sponsored the InfoChimps Data Cluster Meetup and a “Non-Relational Database Smackdown” to help developers evaluate the costs and benefits of Cassandra, CouchDB and MongoDB.  This panel features Rackspace’s own Stu Hood, Wynn Netherland of The ChangeLog, and Jan Lehnhardt from CouchDB.  The panel also stars a surprise guest Werner Vogels, who comes from another hosting company that will remain nameless here.  He is discussing the virtues of their own database, SimpleDB.

Rackspace supports an open cloud with both our dollars and our sweat.  We believe customers should be able to use a scalable “NoSQL” database across providers without the fear of vendor lock-in, similar to how MySQL is used across the web today.

Bookmark or take about 45 minutes out of your day to watch this video both praising and panning various NoSQL alternatives, and please share what you think the right solution is in the comments.