Confidence, Support Help Find Success

By Kalpesh Raval, CTO and Co-Founder,

When you’re launching a startup, you have to trust that your cloud provider is going to prepare you for success. Support and confidence are imperative.

When we launched earlier this year, choosing Rackspace as our cloud provider was a no-brainer. I had been a Rackspace customer since 2005 and was well versed in the power of Fanatical Support. There was no other provider I would trust to help launch my new venture. is an cloud-based medical records sharing tool for veterinarians. We help deliver critical medical information to veterinarians in near real-time which helps them make decisions that save lives. For us, that is our mission and success. And, to deliver that we need our infrastructure to be robust, secure and scalable. When my partner and I were selecting the provider for our backend infrastructure, we went with Rackspace for two key reasons: support and confidence.

Support is huge. I’m used to getting someone on the phone in two or three rings. Having someone there who you can talk to when there’s a problem is a necessity. But that’s not all. Rackspace is a specialist. I know whomever I call or chat knows my environment and can offer me suggestions for success. I recently called to pick a Racker’s brain about cloud storage and our options, and was offered solid advice that helped inform my decision.

And that’s where the confidence comes in. Because of the Fanatical Support I receive, I am confident that our service will stay up and running. When Rackspace talks about redundancy and uptime, it’s not just lip service – in nearly 10 years I’ve never had an issue. I know I’m never going to be stuck. And with Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers, we can be confident that we’re preforming our best – we moved from a dedicated environment to the cloud and I haven’t noticed any performance bottlenecks.

For us, Rackspace is not just a cloud and hosting provider; it’s a true partner. It’s a collaborative approach to reach the right solution. I can ask questions like “What solution should I use?” or “What would be best for my environment?” and I receive honest, informed answers that are for my specific business. The help I get is real and it comes built in. That’s something you don’t get from other cloud providers.


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