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Congratulations Cerealize, An Awesome Startup

At SXSW on Sunday, Cerealize was crowned the winner of the StartupBus 2012!

Cerealize believes cereal is the “hottest thing in the world right now” and felt right at home in the Castle Friday where we have several conference rooms named for different breakfast cereals. Cerealize offers a custom cereal service, where customers can create their own cereal — or take a chance on a random concoction — and have it shipped to their door.

We caught up with the Cerealize crew right after its preliminary pitch, along with other StartupBus buspreneurs on their way to Austin. At that point, they were a few days into creating Cerealize from scratch, including the code for the site, actual demonstration cereal and custom cereal boxes.

We had a feeling they were on to something and so did the StartupBus judges. Leave it to a cereal startup to win in crunch time.

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This is a post written and contributed by Larry Meyer.

Larry Meyer leads the Rackspace Creative Services team. He is a former TV reporter and anchor and passionate geek about all things tech.

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