Congratulations Google, Your Win in Los Angeles is a Win for Us All

Congratulations Google from all of us at Rackspace. Los Angeles, California is going with Google Apps for its new city-wide email solution. This is a big win for you and for Los Angeles.

We’re your competitor. We believe that we beat you on price and on service. But on the point that moving email and apps to the cloud makes sense for huge numbers of customers, we couldn’t agree with you more. When customers get in the cloud, they save money and work smarter. Whether they’re looking for the power of Microsoft Exchange without the headache of managing it or great web-based POP and IMAP, email hosting frees customers up to focus on their core competencies. Whether we call it Going Google or getting in the cloud, the point is the same. The future of email is cloud-based and we’re happy that you’re right along with us helping customers get there.



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