Connect Multiple Clouds with One Solution: RackConnect Global

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Are you feeling the strain of managing IT workloads across multiple clouds and data center locations? Are you longing for a secure, centralized connection to these environments? Are you looking to drive efficiencies and reduce costs in the cloud?

Updating your IT infrastructure and shifting workloads to the cloud of your choice can be easier than you think with Rackspace dedicated hosting. We can host your business-critical applications and data on fully managed dedicated servers and securely connect to the public cloud of your choice, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or the Rackspace public cloud, powered by OpenStack.

A multi-cloud Rackspace deployment allows our experts to run your workloads where they perform best to help deliver improved application availability, better user experience and reduced IT costs. And we can help you do all of this while maintaining the security and high levels of performance necessary for your business-critical applications and data.

How do we make this happen? All of our dedicated server deployments are cloud-ready with our unique RackConnect technologies. RackConnect allows you to burst into the Rackspace public cloud on-demand to accommodate sudden spikes in traffic. And the flexibility of RackConnect technology doesn’t stop there.

RackConnect Global securely connects Rackspace to your on-premises data center and infrastructure hosted in the public cloud of your choice, including AWS or Microsoft Azure.

RackConnect Global

RackConnect Global is ideal for disaster recovery planning, data backups and helping to reduce the costs of cloud-based web and productivity applications. It also provides added resiliency to help reduce downtime, and can help optimize application design for the cloud.

Only Rackspace can offer you the agility of a multi-cloud network across AWS, Azure or the Rackspace public cloud with the security and reliability of single-tenant hosting. And we back it all 24x7x365 with Fanatical Support.

Learn more in our white paper, Multi-Cloud Connectivity with RackConnect Global. Or click below to watch our Deep Dive session on-demand.

Doug Denny Deep Dive

Shannon Enix is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with a passion for helping customers with security and compliance in the cloud. In her current role at Rackspace, she leads the marketing efforts for networking, security, and cloud connectivity solutions. Shannon brings more than 14 years of technical marketing experience to Rackspace. Prior to joining Rackspace in 2015, Shannon held senior roles at F5 Networks and Microsoft. You can follow Shannon on Linkedin at


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