It's Game On for CPBN with Rackspace

Filed in by Lizetta Staplefoote | January 26, 2012 9:00 am

You’re watching the big game; your favorite player shoots the ball, and…nothing. That’s what happened to University of Connecticut women’s basketball fans last year when Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network’s (CPBN) servers buckled under unexpectedly heavy traffic while broadcasting an intense, live game online. Because alumni and fans depend on the feed to watch games from all over the world, CPBN quickly contacted Rackspace to put technology in place to prevent a repeat of that experience. Rackspace combined Cloud Servers[1] and Cloud Load Balancers[2] with Scalr’s[3] auto-scaling platform and CapCal’s Web Performance Testing from Grid Robotics[4] to provide instant scaling for peak periods and performance testing to better understand and plan traffic.

Why Rackspace?
“With ten games under our belt so far this season, we are providing superior service to our viewers with sub-second response times. We anticipate at most a one-second response time even during peak loads for most viewers.”
-Derrick Ellis, Director of Online and New Media at Connecticut Public Broadcasting

Read the entire Connecticut Public Broadcasting case study now.[5]

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