Connecting With Rackspace

If Blondie had recorded its seminal hit “Call Me” today, Debbie Harry would no doubt have shouted “Tweet Me!” “Chat Me!” or “Like Me!” during the chorus. There are many different channels through which you can reach out to us at Rackspace, so I want to break down some of the ways you can get in touch.

Standard Ways
If you have an issue that requires immediate attention, you can pick up the phone and give us a call. The number is at the top of your control panel, and you’ll want to note your account number when you get in touch. For less pressing issues, you may want to start a chat or even open up a ticket to help get that issue solved.

Proactive Ways
So many times people think about calling us only when there is something wrong. I want to let you know that Rackspace is here to help during the planning stage and even when things are going right. If you have questions about the cloud, give us a call and ask for a Cloud Launch Manager – we are able to help provide expertise and advice as you build out your app and architecture.

Social Ways
We are on a number of social properties. You can like us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn and even hangout with us on Google+ (we have a Cloud Office Hours Hangout each Thursday at 1:00 p.m. CST that we’d love you to join!). We offer a lot of white board, how-to, informational and fun videos on YouTube. On top of that, we often give you an inside look to our culture with photos on Instagram.

For Developers
There are several ways that developers can get in touch with us or find out information about what is happening with Rackspace and the hybrid cloud. There is a portal made specifically for devs at and a highly technical DevOps blog where you can find out interesting ways to use the cloud. If you are looking for our open source projects, you can find us on GitHub at racker and rackerlabs. Finally, for those looking to get involved in a community, you can check out to connect with customers and Rackers alike.

Alan is a former Racker, who also helped create the Stevie Award winning onboarding program for cloud collaboration suite Central Desktop, working directly with companies and organizations like, Sesame Workshop, and IEEE. When he's not helping customers learn how to build awesome things in the cloud, he can be found performing improv comedy with ComedySportz San Antonio, or volunteering with the Alamo Beard Club.


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