Control panel version 2

After my earlier post inviting customers who read this blog to try out the new version of the control panel, we had a few requests.  I felt bad at the time that the note about the new control panel was hidden in among a slew of other new features and updates we had in the works.

In case anyone missed it the first time: drop a line to if you’d like a chance to test drive the beta of our new control panel.

In addition to a completely revamped interface, here are a few of the features you’ll find:

Improved security
– with password expirations for administrative accounts, IP address restrictions, better session timeouts and protection against brute force password cracking.

Improved browser compatibility– the existing control panel works with Firefox and Netscape, but never officially supported those browsers.  The new control fully supports these alternatives to Internet Explorer.

Private label website provisioning for resellers– now you resellers can set up your own private label webmail sites.  SSL-enabled sites still have to go through support for now.  But this is a very useful tool for our resellers- set up a new PL site when it is convenient to you, and copy formatting from an existing customer’s private label site.

There are many other additions, big and small: high-speed interfaces, RSS feed manager, upgrade request form, new support page, and more.

Give it a try and let us know how you think!


Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.


  1. I believe it would be incredibly valuable to have shared mailing lists available on a “group” or “account” basis. I am a consultant working with small businesses and any business with more than 15 employees NEEDs to be able to communicate to groups of people on a regular basis. Barring that ability, you should define a CSV/vCARD format and allow people to email mailing lists into each account. That way they could be centrally maintained, distributed by email and imported periodically. I would pay a bit extra for this capability and I think other clients would too.



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