Conversations From Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) 2013

A huge chunk of our business lives in ecommerce. We’re the most used hosting provider of the Internet Retailer’s top 1000 e-retailers, along with serving thousands of other ecommerce organizations working to get on to the IR 1000 list. So we were right at home last month in Chicago at the world’s largest ecommerce event, the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) 2013.

While we were there, we learned a lot from one-on-one chats with big name ecommerce operators and up and coming online shops. We also attended a number of the informative sessions and had a chance to talk to some attendees in our booth.

Here are some things we heard:

“Wow, this booth looks amazing! What a great idea to feature a customer!” We’re always looking for ways to showcase customer successes, so we seized the opportunity to not only showcase a customer (LoveSac), but also to knock out some on-site customer testimonial videos coming to the website soon.

“I already work with you guys, what new stuff do you have going on?” We recently minted a partnership with Magento, the leading open source ecommerce platform, to deliver the Magento platform backed by Rackspace architecture.  And while they’re not new to us, we have other services that were new to many attendees,  like compliance assistance, critical application services, and ecommerce-focused hybrid architectures featuring RackConnect®.

“We are a customer and we’ve never had an issue, thanks!” Ah, the value of Fanatical Support. We met a lot of current customers who raved about the superior level of support and guidance they receive when they engage with their Rackspace support team.

“Love the video!” To add to our booth ambience, we ran our new video on the value ecommerce performance, “Every Second Counts”. While we don’t expect any Oscar nods, it was well received on the floor and is a great introduction to just how much seconds – even milliseconds – count in an ecommerce transaction. Check it out below.

If you didn’t make it or we didn’t get to talk to you at IRCE 2013, check out our Ecommerce Hosting Solutions or browse through our library of ecommerce resources to find out how Rackspace can help you improve performance and reduce complexity in ecommerce operations.

Rena is a marketing programs manager, and has been part of the Rackspace marketing team since 2011 with a focus on verticals. Currently she leads our commerce integrated marketing efforts, working with customers, partners and prospects in the industry to make Rackspace a leader in this space. Rena loves to travel with her husband Henry, considers herself a very amateur photographer and enjoys spending time with her dogs, Duncan and Daisy.


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