Convo: Your Company’s Powerful, Private Social Network

San Francisco based Convo is the most powerful private social network for your company. It helps your team share knowledge and content with each other and communicate effectively and in real-time over that content. It promotes a culture of sharing and open discussion which fosters deeper engagement by everyone involved. But all of this happens in the privacy and security of your company’s own network.

“In the case of Convo, we focus on not just having a stream of activity, but being able to talk about pieces of work,” explains Faizan Buzdar, Founder & CEO of Scrybe. “What’s unique is you may be looking at a pdf, and you look at a line and say ‘I disagree.’ These show up in a Facebook like stream, but every comment can point to specific portions in a pdf, in an image, in a power point, or in a video. Now you are talking about pieces of work, and that has been enabled for the first time. Nobody else does that in the matter that we do it.”

Convo is the future of work and the holy grail of conversations. Its innovative context-charged comments will be the future of conversations everywhere; but this time the Enterprise gets it first. Scrybe is a technology company that is launching Convo and is known for its cutting edge technology and user experience.


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