Cool Features In The New Rackspace Cloud Control Panel

Speed and simplicity; it’s what technology hungry consumers want. Think about it: If I hear a song, I can download it on my smartphone immediately with a simple click or two. That’s incredibly powerful. It takes just seconds. We no longer have the time nor the patience to click through various navigation menus and wait several seconds after each click for results. We demand instant, real-time outcomes and anything less is, quite frankly, unacceptable.

We want cloud computing to be that fast; that simple. And we want it to use an interface that offers a familiar online experience and the modern touches of popular consumer applications. So when we set out to create the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel, it was built from scratch with customers in mind to deliver speed and simplicity. It’s the interface to the Rackspace open cloud. It’s where the cloud management magic happens; it’s the gateway to the Rackspace open cloud.

The result is a beautiful, modern interface that is easy to use and incorporates a host of cool new features that make cloud management a breeze and take the cloud to a new level.

There are a number of cool new features in the new Cloud Control Panel. Here are some of my favorites:


The new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel lets you quickly find and use your infrastructure.  Now you can tag servers, databases and websites so they can be easily identified and organized. It couldn’t be more simple to track Cloud Servers.

Search & Filter

Need to quickly find a server? No problem. The search function lets you find servers by name, tag, IP address and other information. Filtering lists also helps to swiftly and easily locate a server.

Action Cogs

The Action Cogs display contextual menus of some of the most-used actions, which helps cloud customers complete tasks faster.  The Action Cogs open a menu that lets users make changes, delete servers and reboot servers; and reset admin passwords all in one place.

Color-Coded Server Status

The new Cloud Control Panel is more visual. For servers, it gives color-coded status updates. For example, a green bar next to your server indicates it’s up and running; yellow means it’s building; and red shows that it’s down. This makes it easier to get real-time information on the status of your infrastructure.

Multi-Region Support

Powered by OpenStack, the new Cloud Servers spin up faster than before and also allow you to choose the region in which your Cloud Server resides – Chicago or Dallas. Multi-region capabilities have been on our cloud customers’ wish lists for a while. If your other assets (Cloud Databases, Cloud Load Balancers) are in the same region, they can communicate with one another free of charge.

SSL Termination

The new Control Panel also lets you load balance SSL traffic over multiple Cloud Servers.  The biggest benefit is that traffic is decrypted at the Cloud Load Balancer and then distributed to one or more Cloud Servers to be processed.

Create A MySQL Database

Cloud Databases is not just new in the Cloud Control Panel, it is available for the first time to Rackspace customers.  In the control panel, customers can launch, view and manage a MySQL database and easily connect it to the rest of your cloud infrastructure.

Faster Uploads & Downloads Of Cloud Files

We’ve made browsing the contents of your containers faster and also added the ability to purge content from your CDN. Uploads and downloads in Cloud Files are also faster, and we’ve improved how links are obtained, making it a quick and streamlined process. Cloud Files also got a visual upgrade, adding icons that indicate if content is shared or private.

Those are just some of the awesome features in the new Rackspace Cloud Control Panel that will ease cloud management; and all of this is backed by our award-winning Fanatical Support.

Sign up for a Cloud Account today and give the new Control Panel a spin. Let us know what your favorite features are.

Here’s a video to show you a little more about the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

And here’s a handy diagram to get you started in the new Control Panel (click to enlarge):



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