CopperEgg RevealCloud – Unified Server Monitoring for Cloud, Virtual or Physical

    This is a guest post written and contributed by Mike Raab, VP of Business Development at CopperEgg, a Rackspace Cloud Tools PartnerCopperEgg provides RevealCloud, Cloud Monitoring, which provides easy to understand and fast to implement Unified Server Monitoring.

    Many folks that I talk with are not only using Rackspace Cloud as a source of easy-to-deploy cloud servers, but are also using these servers to provide burst capacity for their on-premise servers.  These on-premise servers may be virtualized or physical.

    The cool use case that I have seen time and again, is to configure the RevealCloud collector as a standard part of the operating system image, both in the data center and in the Rackspace Cloud.  That image can be Windows or Linux based.  The beauty of doing this is that when a new server is spun up from the image, it is instantly detected, and appears in the RevealCloud dashboard.  The dashboard natively displays a unified view of all servers from cloud, virtual or physical infrastructures, which is particularly convenient for viewing servers in such a hybrid deployment.

    The dashboard provides dynamic view of all instances, transient or not, in a very easy to understand display that shows health and performance updates every 5 seconds.  So you know right away if a server is under excessive load, and whether more scale is needed.  Alternatively, perhaps load has dropped to the point where it would make sense to scale back some of the resources. In this case, you can use historical trend lines generated within RevealCloud Pro for guidance.  You can now take advantage of the utility “pay-as-you-go” model, to truly optimize spend and performance of their infrastructure.

    In creating a best practice like this for rapidly scaling out resources, administrators now can focus on optimally running their applications, and using services such as Rackspace Cloud to provide overhead and scale on demand.

    RevealCloud provides the visibility needed to understand the health of the servers in a few seconds, not minutes, allowing you to provide the service quality demanded by your customers.

    Click here to try RevealCloud Pro, with full alerting and 30 day history, for free.

    Bob Bardwell worked in Rackspace Corporate Development; his background includes financial statement and single audits. He enjoys golf, geopolitics, and networking.


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