Corra: Full Service Ecommerce on the Rackspace Cloud

When building out an ecommerce strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for all businesses. It takes careful planning to develop a cutting edge strategy that will help you get the most out of your online and mobile commerce business.

That’s where Corra comes in.

Corra, a Rackspace partner, is a full service ecommerce agency that specializes in ecommerce design, development, systems integration, strategy and support. They’ve integrated load balancers, caching, cluster databases and content distribution databases for customers who need to scale – and they’re doing all of this in the Rackspace environment.

Corra COO Michael Harvey says time and time again that Rackspace has supported his enterprise every step of the way:

“We tell our clients unambiguously that it’s worth every penny to go to Rackspace and we use the term Fanatical Support. In a word, it’s quality, that’s what we want to own and I feel like that’s what Rackspace is in the hosting space. If you boil it down, it’s quality.”

Check out the video below featuring Michael Harvey and start planning your business’ ecommerce strategy today.


A Racker since 2007, RJ is a Partner Sales Manager, part of the Rackspace Commerce Vertical partnering with solutions integrators and some of the top commerce platforms in the industry. His primary focus is business development and growing Rackspace's reach into commerce business lines. RJ is an ardent fan of live music and spending time with his dog Joplin and wife Meghan.


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