Cost, Time Savings from Managed Virtualization Architectures — a Dedicated Deep Dive Recap

We had great discussion in our last Dedicated Deep Dive, with Charles Butler, Director of Product for VMware Solutions, clarifying how Rackspace Managed Virtualization solutions can help solve common IT challenges.

Steve Ulman, from VMware’s vCloud Air Network, gave some interesting perspective on when VMware users start looking outside their own data centers to meet their computing needs.

The show is part of our larger Dedicated Deep Dive series, Exploring Dedicated in a Cloudy World, where each week we carve out an hour to discuss the benefits of dedicated solutions and their place within a cloudy world. I invite experts to discuss customer’s architectures, common concerns and how the Rackspace team solves clients’ complex infrastructure needs. This month’s theme is cost optimization.

(Check out previously recorded Dedicated Deep Dive Hangouts and the full series calendar here.)

This conversation in this session was driven by an ebook we recently released, “Rethinking People Costs in Enterprise IT”. You can download the ebook on the page for this session.

Right off the bat, we acknowledged the myriad challenges IT organizations are experiencing today — many of which stem from the pressure for a traditionally internally-focused group to focus externally, on customer experience.

Enter budgets. You have a certain amount of money to work with. What keeps IT directors up at night is how much of each dollar is spent on strategic initiatives that benefit the organization as opposed to keeping the lights on. In our ebook, we break down the long list of tasks associated with these more mundane tasks. When you start adding up the time spent by your talented, high value people driving to your data center to constantly configure something, partnering with a service provider starts to make sense. A good partnership can allow you to reclaim the time of your talented staff to develop the IP to differentiate.

Dedicated vCenter is a solution that can help. It delivers VMware vSphere bits on our dedicated hardware that you can use with the same tools and processes you already have in place. We developed this solution with IT in mind, when you want to extend into a datacenter other than your own but don’t want to make a technology switch. We take care of the capacity planning, infrastructure deployment, monitoring and management to eliminate the pain your team experiences dealing with these things.

If you’d like to dive in to the numbers that drove our discussion, be sure to download our ebook. And join us April 27 at 1 p.m. CT as we take our next Deep Dive into how to optimize cost as your storage needs grow. Check out the schedule of live events at

Doug Denny joined Rackspace in 2006 and has since held a variety of architect and management roles over the years as part of the Solution Engineering team. Doug was the original host of the Rackspace Deep Dive Series and owns product marketing responsibilities for Rackspace’s VMware private cloud solutions.


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