CouchDB talk – Monday March 17

We’ve started hosting a series of Tech Talks here at Mailtrust. These talks are given by our software developers, engineers, or other techies outside of Mailtrust, and are intended to create a local forum for sharing information about interesting technologies. We invite technology experts from inside and outside of Mailtrust to share useful real world information about what they are working on.
These are public events, and we invite anyone in the community to attend… Virginia Tech students, professors, local developers, entrepreneurs, and of course Mailtrust and Rackspace employees.
Our first talk was given by Stu Hood, one of our developers, on Hadoop and MapReduce and it’s comparison to SQL for processing large data sets. We had about 50 people attend. The video will be posted soon.
Our second talk is coming up this Monday, St Patty’s day, and is titled Next Generation Data Storage with CouchDB. If you are host a web application and are looking for a scalable way to store lots of data, this talk may be helpful.
For details on the CouchDB talk and all upcoming talks, check out the Racklabs blog. All talks will be recorded and posted afterwards on the Racklabs blog.

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