Create a Hybrid Computing Environment with UniCloud

    If you follow cloud computing coverage, the concept of the moment appears to be Hybrid Clouds – folks are realizing this ‘best of both worlds’ approach makes the most sense in terms of applying cloud computing in a realistic way to actual workspaces and processes. However, some of the coverage I’ve seen has a very futuristic tone: Qualifiers like “promise” and “coming soon” appear to indicate that some out there believe hybrid cloud computing isn’t something that can be taken advantage of today.

    I’m happy to report this isn’t the case: Univa has built robust hybrid environments for organizations like a certain Fortune 500 EDA leader and a large government agency, where the internal private computing infrastructure is optimized and then extended on demand into public cloud services like Rackspace depending on workload requirements, constraints, economics and other factors.

    In the May 6 webcast we’ll demonstrate for Rackspace users how UniCloud can be used to easily burst into the Rackspace Cloud (or any other cloud environment, private or public) when circumstances demand.

    What Univa is really doing here is creating a Multi-Premise Cloud environment where applications/workloads can run on any cloud at any time as driven by Univa cloud management software. Virtualizing the computing premises is where Univa’s clients are going and it’s what we can deliver.

    Webcast participants will get a taste of this on Thursday of this week. I hope you can join us! Here are the details:

    What: Live Demo with UniCloud – Creating a Hybrid Computing Environment

    When: Thursday, May 6th 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST

    Sign Up Here:

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