Creator of Dovecot Joins Mailtrust

Mailtrust recently hired Timo Sirainen to work at our Blacksburg office. Timo is the creator and lead developer for Dovecot, the open source IMAP mail server that we use here at Mailtrust, and has moved here from Finland. Mailtrust and Timo have worked together for several years, but with Timo in the US we will be able to accomplish a lot more in a much shorter timeframe
We’ve asked Timo to give you all his view on his experience thus far. Check it out below:
Posted by Timo Sirainen, Developer of Dovecot, which is arguably the highest performing open-source IMAP server for Linux/Unix.

2009 should be a great year for Dovecot. I’ll be working at Rackspace’s Mailtrust office in Blacksburg, VA for the entire year. With Mailtrust’s support, I’m hoping to get a lot more work done than in the last couple of years combined. In Finland, I was working at home and that didn’t work too well for me (it’s way too easy to start wasting time on TV). I’ve also paused my university studies for this year, so they won’t eat my time, either.

Mailtrust is dedicated to making Dovecot successful, and we share a lot of common ideas. Our priorities for new features are also very similar. After this year, there will be a lot more reasons to choose Dovecot. I’m learning about the complexity of running a large mail server installation with thousands of servers. Just knowing about those could help me implement new features better and get some problems solved more easily in the future.

After being here for only 3 weeks, I think Mailtrust is pretty much the ideal company to work for. People love what they do here and they’re good at it. It seems to be easy to get things done without annoying unnecessary bureaucracy. The environment is pretty relaxed—people take breaks to play Nintendo Wii, ping pong, and eat free snacks. It’s easy to talk to even the top level management. There’s even a person whose job is to make Mailtrust the best place to work for!

Interested in helping me work on Dovecot while I am in the US? Mailtrust is hiring!

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