‘Crossing the IT Transformation Chasm’ Webinar Series

There’s a growing divide between businesses actively working to transform their IT environments to meet new needs (think mobile, artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning) and those still trying to force old servers to learn new tricks.

Though more than 80 percent of IT leaders say innovation is key to their success, according to IDG, less than half are actively engaged in identifying and migrating workloads to the cloud.

Many organizations find themselves caught in the gap between the environment they need and the infrastructure they have. However, those like McKesson, the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in North America, which has successfully crossed the IT transformation chasm, enjoy a slew of competitive benefits on the other side.

In our free, three-part, on-demand webinar series, “Crossing the IT Transformation Chasm,” Rackspace experts and McKesson’s IT leadership share proven strategies to overcome hurdles and move your IT transformation from concept to successful execution.

Why IT Transformation Fails

Feeling bogged down by the complexity of navigating today’s IT environment?

You’re not alone. Today, the average IT organization is managing 346 applications across 5+ cloud platforms. At the same time, they are being challenged to accelerate digital transformation to stay ahead of flat or declining budgets.

At Rackspace, we’ve worked with thousands of customers to help them navigate the complexity that cloud brings to their operations and take advantage of all of its benefits. In the process, we’ve learned some key insights on why some organizations succeed and others fail in driving IT transformation.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Five reasons we see IT transformation fail before it starts.
  • Questions we ask to gauge whether an organization is truly ready for IT transformation.
  • Strategies we use to increase the likelihood of IT transformation success in a multi-cloud world.


Finding the Best IT Transformation Path 

Businesses across all industries are moving out of their data centers and into the cloud. But navigating the complexities of a multi-cloud world can be overwhelming. During this webinar, we’ll help you understand your existing environment and then use that information to develop a well-informed cloud migration strategy and architecture.

Learn how to:

  • Assess your application portfolio and existing environment.
  • Identify the best-fit platform for your needs.
  • Develop an informed deployment strategy.
  • Build your multi-cloud solution.


How They Did It: McKesson’s Transformation Story

McKesson faced many of the challenges related to transformation discussed in the first two webinars.

But by partnering with Rackspace and Microsoft Azure, the company was able to deploy a multi-cloud environment, maintain stringent security and healthcare compliance regulations and reduce its dependence on dedicated datacenters. McKesson now has a foundation that provides numerous organizations and business units with secure, compliant and fully managed Azure cloud infrastructure.

In this webinar, McKesson’s IT leader walks through the company’s transformation journey and shares insights to help your organization along its path.

Topics covered:

  • McKesson’s pain points, transformation journey and outcomes.
  • Takeaways from Rackspace experts and McKesson’s IT leadership on the process
  • The value of having an experienced technology partner and operational support.
  • How to find the expertise you need throughout your cloud journey.


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Becky Trevino served as a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Rackspace where she worked with customers to dispel the myth that there is a “one-size-fits-all” journey into the cloud. In that role, Becky led the marketing efforts for Managed Hosting and Hybrid Cloud business. Becky’s experience at Rackspace includes roles in marketing as well as in technical customer service for our Openstack Public Cloud Fanatical Support team. Prior to Rackspace, Becky worked at Dell EMC as an Operations Engineer and Product Marketer. Becky earned a BS and an MS in Engineering from The University of Michigan and has an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. You can follow Becky on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/btrevino and Twitter @rebecca_trevino.