Culture, Rackers Make Rackspace Australia One Of ‘Best Places To Work 2014’

Since we opened the Rackspace Australia office, we have worked to capture the essence of what makes Rackspace great – the culture, the people, the passion – and bring it to this part of the world.

And Rackspace Australia’s recent recognition as one of the best places to work in Australia – for the second consecutive year — shows that we’re leading a successful charge. The Great Places to Work Institute has ranked Rackspace Australia No. 11 among the Best Places to Work 2014 for companies under 100 employees – a massive leap from our slot as No. 27 last year.

It is truly the people, the Rackers, who make Rackspace Australia such a great place to work. Each day, our Australian Rackers (and Rackers across the company) embody our company’s Core Values and come to work with a sense of purpose and a sense of fun.

In the last year, the team here as more than doubled in size. And we’ve just moved into a new Sydney office that has tripled our floor space, meaning we can add more great Rackers as we grow. In true Rackspace fashion, we assembled a Racker Consultation Committee to lead the design of the new office.

The dynamic culture that is uniquely Rackspace knows no borders. Despite being nearly a day’s flight from Rackspace HQ in the USA, we have built an amazing culture here. Our Culture Committee in Australia ensures the culture we built and continue to build makes our Rackers excited to come to work each day. Through internal events (like payday Hawaiian Shirts) and external events (like a sailing treasure hunt around Sydney Harbour), we believe a strong culture builds a strong company. The Culture Committee also runs our Rack Gives Back Programme, our charitable organization that allows us to give back to our local communities.

And much like Rackspace in the U.S., we preserve our culture by awarding our Rackers with the highest honour in Rackspace, the Fanatical Jacket. This is a straight jacket that is awarded quarterly to the Racker who is voted the most outstanding customer fanatic in the office.

When it comes down to it, all we do is about our customers. We strive to delight our customers and our team consistently receives high Net Promoter Scores (NPS), setting a new standard for the Australian IT market.

It’s this commitment to our Rackers, our culture and our customers that enable us to deliver world-class Fanatical Support as the No. 1 managed cloud company. And it’s these things that once again been recognized as one of the best places to work in Australia.

Angus is Director and General Manager for Rackspace in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Sydney, he is responsible for driving Rackspace’s growth in the region and establishing local teams to ensure that Australian and New Zealand customers receive Rackspace’s famous Fanatical Support. Prior to this role, Angus was Rackspace’s Director of Operations for Australia and New Zealand. During this time, he played an important part in setting up operational aspects of Rackspace’s local business to support future growth and also in coordinating teams to ensure a successful build and launch of the Rackspace Open Cloud in Australia.


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