Seeking Customers for Customer Advisory Board

At Rackspace, we highly value our customer feedback. Our customers are the only ones who truly know what they need and want—so it’s imperative that we hear from them directly and regularly. For this reason, we encourage all of our customers to send in comments via our feedback form and submit product ideas via Idea Central.

Yet, we’ve decided to take an additional proactive step toward gathering customer feedback . . .

We’ve established a Customer Advisory Board (affectionately referred to around here as “CAB”). It’s made up of a wide variety of members, including international customers, resellers, and companies with fewer than five mailboxes—ensuring that we take the needs of every segment into account. CAB members stay in close contact with our Product Team and provide feedback on our beta releases. We use their valuable feedback to direct how we develop our products and services.

We have recently completed our first six-month CAB session, and the members provided us with a wealth of knowledge that will ensure our products are moving in the right direction.

If you’re interested in joining our Customer Advisory Board, and directly impacting the direction of our products and services, just let me know (megan.wohlford [at]

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