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Customize Configuration Settings For Cloud Databases

As promised last year, we are committed to simplifying database management with Rackspace Cloud Databases. Starting today you can customize configuration settings for Cloud Databases instances using the API or Trove command line tool. This capability allows you to optimize configuration settings based on the needs of your workload.

With every Cloud Databases instance that you create, we already optimize it for peak MySQL performance, but workloads do differ and MySQL provides endless ways to configure based on your specific workload. You may want to change the ft_min_word_len to optimize full text searches, increase the number of concurrent connections allowed, or even set lower_case_table_names to optimize how case sensitivity is handled for table names. Whatever your case may be, this feature simplifies the process and puts the power in your hands.

Let’s take a look at a quick example. You can create and manage different configuration groups with custom configuration values and the configuration group can be associated to your Cloud Database instances.

Using max_connections from the example mentioned earlier, let’s try customizing the max_connections for a 1GB Cloud Database instance:

$ trove configuration-create CloudDBconfig '{"max_connections":80}' --description Configfordatastore 

|       Property       |                Value                 |
| datastore_version_id | 4f83ff38-3ef3-4a27-8b4c-330dc59857ca |
|     description      |          Configfordatastore          |
|          id          | 9f9e9023-75c7-4c91-8024-7459ff74f565 |
|         name         |            CloudDBconfig             |
|        values        |      {u'max_connections': 100}       |

After creating the configuration group, you can attach this configuration group to an instance.

$ trove configuration-attach <config_id> <instance_id>

Now the instance’s properties will show the configuration group assigned.

|      Property     |                              Value                               |
|   configuration   |               110f7516-8f49-4153-93c0-1ed049410045               |
|      created      |                       2014-03-17T18:00:25                        |
|     datastore     |                              MySQL                               |
| datastore_version |                               5.1                                |
|       flavor      |                                1                                 |
|      hostname     | |
|         id        |               eef5715c-e4d4-4cd6-934e-12152818c3cd               |
|        name       |                         CloudDBInstance                          |
|       status      |                              ACTIVE                              |
|      updated      |                       2014-03-17T19:06:50                        |
|       volume      |                                1                                 |

This is just one small example of how to customize your Cloud Database instances.  For more details, check out the Knowledge Center article describing how you can use easily use the Trove Command Line tool for creating and managing configurations or head over to the Configurations API documentation for in depth instructions on how to use the Cloud Databases REST API. For users who prefer a graphical user interface, we will be integrating this capability in Control Panel soon.

As always, we value your opinion so please let us know if you have any questions or feedback or head over to the community site to share ideas with others.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Neha Verma.

Neha is a proud Austin Racker working as a Product Manager for Cloud Databases focusing on My SQL. She has over six years of experience in the technology industry where she has played different business and technical roles involving software development, technology consulting and planning. She is very excited about the growth and possibilities of cloud products and has an immense drive for building products that customer love.

She has an Engineering degree in Computer Science and MBA from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.

Outside Rackspace, she likes to spend time with family. She loves traveling, cooking and shopping, and never misses a chance to host house parties.

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