Cybera Dives Into Cloud With OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud Builders

Canadian not-for-profit Cybera has turned to OpenStack and Rackspace Cloud Builders to beef up its cloud capabilities in its quest to spur innovation and accelerate the competitive edge in Alberta.

The company partners with schools and private sector companies to explore technology solutions for the economic betterment of the province.

Cybera has worked on a few cloud projects before, but when it found OpenStack and Rackspace Cloud Builders it quickly went to work with a proof-of-concept OpenStack cloud. That led to a much larger deployment for a much larger organization.

Cybera also hosted Rackspace Cloud Builders, which armed the non-profit with the nitty gritty details of OpenStack, including insight on how to handle scaling, troubleshooting and other thorny issues. Through the process, Cybera learned that Fanatical Support isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s a sincere promise.

Hear more about Cybera’s work with OpenStack and Rackspace Cloud Builders directly from them in this video:

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