Cybernautic Launches High Traffic Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Site on the Cloud

In a previous post, we announced that Rackspace Cloud Customer, Cybernautic was selected to lead the Brady Homes web project for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which aired this past Sunday, October 25th on ABC. Senior Producers of the show told Chad Parker, CEO and President of Cybernautic, it was inevitable the website will go down once the show aired.

The show aired and performed flawlessly, serving millions of visitors continuously throughout the life of the project without a single failure. In the press release, Conrad Ricket, Executive Producer at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition quotes:

In over 150 shows, it has been rare to find an Internet hosting company that was equipped to handle the traffic of thousands of people coming to a builder’s website. No doubt this is a testament to The Rackspace Cloud for handling what, in most cases, is an impossible task. And, without failure, The Rackspace Cloud was able to keep the pipeline open to hundreds of subcontractors and trade workers, and thousands of volunteers who wanted to step up to help a family.

The site handled over 300,000 hits since going live including a spike of 41,000 users at once during peak times, such as during taping and construction, and immediately following the house “reveal.”

Cybernautic not only launched and managed the website, they also managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts for some 13,000 fans which served as hub of all online activity associated with the episode. Extreme Makeover released a minimum of two news releases per day through the site, and reporters covering the project depended on the site for these news updates. Over 5,000 volunteer applications were submitted via the site for roughly 2,500 available positions.

Check out this cool video they did on the recap of the project.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Philo from Cybernautic Design on Vimeo.

Congrats to Cybernautic on a successful project!

Read the full press release here.

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