Data Restores Are Now Free

“Yesterday I mistakenly deleted a folder from my webmail account. It happened to contain an important email from a customer and I had not replied to it yet. Now the email is gone. Help!”
I hear this story from our customers all the time. They have accidentally deleted an email, or a folder, or an entire account – and they have lost some important emails. The customer needs the emails back, and fast. Luckily the data on our servers is backed up nightly, so if the email was in there overnight, it usually can be restored. However, in the past we would charge customers $100 for each data restore, because performing a restore was a time consuming, manual task for our customer care team. Many customers end up just opting out of the restore, saving $100, but never getting their missing data back. Obviously this is less than ideal.
So we assembled a team to automate the email restore process and put a tool in the hands of our customers so that they can do it themselves. We want customers to be able restore their deleted mail as soon as the need it, as often as they need it, and best of all… for free. We code named this project “Vault”.
Well, the Vault team has been hard at work the past few months and the tool is now here. Every customer now has access to their data backups via their control panel and can do their own restores for free. If you log in, you will see it under Email Accounts > Data Restores.
We hope you never mistakenly delete an important email, but if you do, give this new tool a try and let us know what you think.
If you are interested in the technical details of how we built this, I gave a presentation about it at ISPCON last week. I’ve posted the slides on my personal blog.

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  1. Nice to know about the restore feature is available for email. Webmail continues to do nothing but email and they continue to do it right. thank you.


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