Datapipe Acquires GoGrid – A Roundup of Reactions

On January 20th, 2015, Datapipe announced the acquisition of GoGrid, a respected provider in managed cloud and dedicated servers, and a leader in cloud orchestration and big data solutions.

Tech media and influencers responded quickly with analysis and reactions to the acquisition, and its implications for the industry. Below is a collection of articles and quotes that caught our eye:

Barb Darrow of GigaOm, from Datapipe Snaps up GoGrid as (sigh) Cloud Consolidation Continues

“…Managed service provider Datapipe is buying GoGrid, an infrastructure-as-a-service vendor that has been morphing into a big data specialist. Terms were not disclosed, but the deal indicates that the consolidation that swept the cloud provider market in 2014 continues…”

Ben Kepes of Forbes, from Cloud Consolidation Continues–What The GoGrid/Datapipe Deal Indicates For 2015

“GoGrid has something of a big data bent – it recently partnered with Cloudera in an effort to ease enterprise adoption of Hadoop – the idea being that custom tuned infrastructure for big data applications makes doing big data easier. GoGrid is seen as a good way to help Datapipe increase its footprint in the managed services space.”

Sarah Kuranda of CRN, from Datapipe Acquires GoGrid To Ramp Up Big Data Managed Services Offerings

“The acquisition comes as more and more clients want to leverage big data. Clients are generating key data from the Internet of Things, connected devices and mobile applications and are now looking to “aggressively” take advantage of that information, particularly through cloud technologies.”

Mike Vizard of MSPMentor, from Datapipe Acquires GoGrid Cloud for Big Data Apps

“…Datapipe anticipates that demand for Big Data applications in the cloud will grow significantly; primarily because the laws of data gravity generally result in applications being deployed as close as possible to their primary sources of data. Given the relatively low cost of storing large amounts of data in the cloud, the weight of all that data is pulling more applications into the cloud…”

David Hamilton of Web Host Industry Review, from Datapipe Buys Big Data Multi-Cloud IaaS Provider GoGrid

“The acquisition of GoGrid will help Datapipe advance its strategy around developing security, integration and management features across multiple cloud platforms such as VMware, AWS and its own Stratosphere private cloud.”