Dave Winer compares Rackspace Cloud Servers to Amazon EC2

There are many cloud comparisons floating around on the Internet – something we’re certainly accustomed to seeing. We actually love the enthusiasm and encourage users to do their own benchmarks. That’s the beauty of the cloud, it’s easy to test various clouds because it’s cheap and takes minutes to get started.

Influential tech blogger, Dave Winer, recently did a performance comparison between Rackspace Cloud Servers and an Amazon EC2 instance.

The result was shocking. With the same load that pushed EC2 to it limit, CPU-wise, the Rackspace server barely got off the baseline. So I kept adding more load to the Rackspace server. It’s now doing something like 1.5 the work of the EC2 system.

His posting sparked a long thread of comments on Hacker News.

Here are his performance graphs.