Dedicated Deep Dive Recap: RackConnect Local Demo

This week’s show wrapped up our Dedicated Deep Dive series focus on hybrid computing scenarios enabled by Rackspace RackConnect technology with a demonstration of an existing Rackspace customer using RackConnect Local to run a hybrid infrastructure of dedicated physical storage and compute cross-connected into a large fleet of instances running in our public cloud.

Previously we did a deep dive into RackConnect Global, which helps customers easily connect their own on-premise networks with the single tenant physical networks powering their hosted infrastructure at Rackspace, or dedicated single tenant Rackspace hosted infrastructure to third party clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

On Mar. 9, we’ll kick off our Dedicated Deep Dive four-session look at performance issues in a dedicated server environment.

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Our guest, Racker Adrian San Miguel, is the lead engineer assigned to this customer’s account. He described how the customer evolved from its original dedicated server footprint into the increasingly cloudy infrastructure it operates in today. To support the conversation, we walked a reference architecture inspired by the customer’s hosted footprint at Rackspace. (Note: we take great care to remove any customer identifying elements from the architecture and change aspects of the design to preserve the customer’s anonymity and security.)

Over the course of the session, a few key points emerged:

  • The evolution of the customer’s infrastructure was representative of its own evolution in how it authored and released software in an increasingly agile, cloud-native manner.
  • While the customer’s application tier saw increasing benefits from public cloud, its requirements for data storage performance and security benefit from more traditional single tenant architecture, which has also continued to evolve.
  • This customer’s story highlights a common pattern for infrastructure we see at Rackspace, where we understand that the entirety of a workload cannot always be neatly stuffed into a single cloud or dedicated form factor. The ability to pick and choose the right tools to support all aspects of an organization’s application performance and security requirements allows customers to have infrastructure that adapts to their needs, rather than the other way around.

Want to learn even more? Rackspace’s RackConnect Local has been covered at length by Alan Bush and Drew Cox on their Cloud Office Hours Hangout series, which for years now has enabled Rackspace customers to benefit from the incredible power of mixing single tenant dedicated infrastructure with multi-tenant Rackspace cloud offerings over a secure low latency network.

Thanks to those who took the time to watch the show, either live or on-demand. Check out the schedule of live events here.

Doug Denny joined Rackspace in 2006 and has since held a variety of architect and management roles over the years as part of the Solution Engineering team. Doug was the original host of the Rackspace Deep Dive Series and owns product marketing responsibilities for Rackspace’s VMware private cloud solutions.


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