Dedicated Deep Dive Recap: Security in Storage

For our last Deep Dive of January, we were joined by Marcus Johnson, Chris Graham and Jarrett Terry, who handle product management and engineering for our dedicated storage solutions.

It was the last of our security-themed Google Hangouts, closing out the first part of our three-month, in-depth look at the value of dedicated in certain scenarios.

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In this session, we departed from our customer architecture story format used in previous sessions to focus deeper on the topic of security and how it relates to our dedicated storage portfolio components at Rackspace. We offer a wide array of choices when it comes to dedicated file and block level storage solutions; below is a quick recap of the discussion to help viewers extract the key takeaways from the topics covered today.

Block vs. File

Our guests discussed the various use cases that determine when and why block level storage solutions should be selected over file level network attached solutions, and vice versa. We also discussed the technologies that power our Managed SAN and NAS offerings and the user experience that customers can expect when working with Managed Storage team.

Shared vs. Dedicated

We drilled deeper into the differences between our shared and dedicated SAN and NAS offerings and got into specific details with Jarret Terry about how we logically isolate and protect customer data from unauthorized access even when customers select shared fabric storage solutions. We discussed how our multi-tenant storage solutions for dedicated infrastructure differ from cloud based as-a-service solutions such as our own Rackspace Cloud Block Storage and Amazon EBS.

Encryption-at-Rest and Storage Security Best Practices

We covered the encryption-at-rest options available to customers that utilize our dedicated storage solutions, and how to extract maximum value from this technology when deploying applications on Rackspace infrastructure.

In the end, Rackspace recognizes that your data is a valuable target. Our dedicated storage solutions minimize the potential surface area for attackers to exploit when compared to multi-tenant cloud solutions, particularly when you’re running non-cloud-native applications designed to run on single-tenant infrastructure.   Real data security requires technologies, both software and infrastructure, to work together in reducing your risk of unauthorized access, as well as policies limiting the ‘who, what, where, when, and why’ at any given time.

Where does data security and safety of your data fall on your priority list? Let us know how we can help you meet your goals.

Doug Denny joined Rackspace in 2006 and has since held a variety of architect and management roles over the years as part of the Solution Engineering team. Doug was the original host of the Rackspace Deep Dive Series and owns product marketing responsibilities for Rackspace’s VMware private cloud solutions.


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