Deleting Confusion to Make Deletes Less Confusing

When we saw a rise in customers calling in because they had accidentally deleted mailboxes, we saw an opportunity to improve the control panel user interface. Administrators attempting to delete Blackberry users were inadvertently deleting entire mailboxes. As a result, they’d have to contact our support team to recover the mailbox, which is an inconvenient and expensive process.
And, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what was causing the confusion:

  • The two pages looked similar
  • The pop-ups were generic and
    users typically dismiss such pop-ups by clicking
    “Ok” without thinking
  • The confirmation messages
    were too generic. The messages to delete a mailbox, BlackBerry user, or
    even a domain were all the same.  

The latest Control Panel release addresses and solves all of those issues.
To prevent users from mistakenly confirming deletes, we did away with the standard pop-up confirmation. As you can see below, the new overlay effect (also called a “lightbox”) darkens the rest of the page, forcing users to take more notice of the action. Then, we made the text in the overlay area less ambiguous. Now, the text lets the administrator know exactly what they are deleting and how many items are being deleted.

We hope this change makes the Control Panel more user-friendly and saves administrators time and money. We look forward to implementing more usability enhancements in future releases. Have some ideas about ways we can improve your user experience? Visit Idea Central and tell us about it. You may find your idea here as a future enhancement.

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