Deploy Windows Applications With Ease On The Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace Cloud Deployment Services give you the ability to easily deploy applications and frameworks to the Rackspace Open Cloud. This lets you focus on code instead of architecting and deploying separate production, staging and development environments.

Today our Deployment Services team is adding support for Windows deployments! The following applications are available now to deploy on the Rackspace Cloud:

ASP .Net 4.5

The ASP .NET 4.5 deployment creates an IIS website based on a provided domain name and installs the ASP .Net 4.5 framework. An FTP account is created for you to upload your site content as soon as the server comes online.


The JabbR deployment installs the JabbR collaborative chat platform. All you need to do is create a new user once the server build is complete.

DNN (DotNetNuke)

This deployment will create an FTP user and a Microsoft SQL database, and it will install the .NET framework and the DNN Platform. You just have to walk through the DNN installation wizard to complete the installation. If you are migrating from another DNN installation, you may need to open the MSSQL port in your firewall to move your database. With security in mind, this port is closed by default.


The Umbraco deployment will also create an FTP user and an MSSQL database and install the .NET framework, similar to the DNN deployment. The difference in this case is that Umbraco will be installed instead. Again, if you are migrating you may need to temporarily open the database port.

Even more options for Windows users are coming soon, so stay tuned! Get started today!


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