Deploy Your Own Platform as a Service (PaaS) for .NET Applications in Minutes with Apprenda

    This is a guest post written and contributed by Jesse Kliza, Director of Marketing at Apprenda, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner.  Apprenda provides an Open Platform as a Service (PaaS) software stack for .NET that enables any organization to deploy their own self-service PaaS on any infrastructure.

    Platform as a Service gets quite a bit of attention these days – and rightfully so.  The idea of being able to click “go”, and in minutes have your application up and running without ever having to configure app servers, web servers, load balancers, or other supporting technologies is pretty appealing.  With promises of greater developer agility, significant cost savings, and expedited time to market, who wouldn’t be paying attention to PaaS?

    Which PaaS is right for me?

    There are quite a few PaaS options out there.  However, most Platform as a Service providers offer the PaaS and the underlying infrastructure together.  The platform IS the service they provide, and you run your apps with them and them only.  What if you want to stick with hosting your apps with Rackspace?

    Get Locked-in to ROI – Not Your PaaS Provider

    Apprenda is a very different PaaS offering, because it’s software NOT a service.  With Apprenda, you can create your own PaaS, running on any infrastructure, in just a few minutes.  That means you can be up and running today, with your very own private PaaS running on Rackspace.  While other PaaS players are busy locking you in, Apprenda frees you to leverage your existing investments in code and infrastructure, while providing you with a proven and mature PaaS unlike any other.

    Check out this video to learn more, or click here to get started today.


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    1. Bob, I am blown away by OpenShift. (I am not the kind of person that would like to create my own PaaS) I am also a happy user of Rackspace hosting. After using OpenShift, I wish that Rackspace had a similar offering. Do you forsee Rackspace PaaS?


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