Deploying, Managing Rackspace Private Cloud Just Got Easier

With Rackspace Private Cloud, one of our missions is to arm you and your business with the ability to run like Rackspace. We give you the OpenStack-powered software we built and tested using our experience and expertise running the world’s largest OpenStack-powered cloud along with many OpenStack-powered private clouds. You then choose whether to run it yourself, for free with no lock in, or have us help you. And we do it in your data center or ours.

Today we took another step forward with Rackspace Private Cloud that will simplify running an open cloud in your data center. We’ve added a new set of features to the free, open source Rackspace Private Cloud Software, including an advanced operations fabric called OpenCenter. This is our third software update to Rackspace Private Cloud in just over six months.

OpenCenter is a centralized system that automates and simplifies the operational activities required to deploy, manage and maintain private clouds. Deploying new features is as simple as drag-and-drop. The intuitive new interface will lay the groundwork for you to leverage the expertise we’ve built around continuous integration and deployment in the public cloud in your own data center and have it backed by our award-winning Fanatical Support.

OpenCenter makes it easier than ever to run open clouds at scale in your enterprise’s data center. OpenCenter also leads to improved uptime by offering API or point-and-click deployment and management of high availability environments for OpenStack controller nodes.

In addition to the inclusion of OpenCenter, the latest Rackspace Private Cloud Software update allows you to choose which host operating system you use. You can select Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS in your Rackspace Private Cloud deployment. Customers have always had the freedom to run their guest operating system of choice in Rackspace Private Cloud.

And this is just the beginning of what we will work on delivering in 2013. This year we will continue to add new capabilities to our open cloud portfolio that will give you the power to have a true cloud anywhere experience. Our engineering teams are hard at work to help customers take advantage of:

  • Continuous integration and delivery: Take advantage of continuously developed, tested, integrated and deployed innovations and improvements to Rackspace Private Cloud. You will receive access to bug fixes, patches, upgrades and features as they become available in near real-time, or at whatever pace you choose.
  • Workload portability:Seamlessly move and scale workloads between Rackspace public and private clouds transparently. To put it more simply: build in either, run in either – with no application conversion or redesign.
  • Network interoperability: Create a true hybrid or multi-zone cloud that uses a single software-defined network.

With our Private Cloud Software including OpenCenter, we enable you to become a service provider in your own data center and run like Rackspace. The latest software features, combined with our training, support and operations expertise around our OpenStack-powered Private Cloud, help organizations realize the efficiencies and true value of the cloud. Since Rackspace Private Cloud Software launched in August 2012, we’ve offered Private Cloud expertise, support and operations to more than 100 organizations, including 19 of the Fortune 100.

You can leverage our support as needed, or allow us to completely run your private cloud environment, either on or off-premise. We’re experts at building and running massive clouds at scale – we’re founders of OpenStack and run the largest OpenStack-powered public cloud in the world. You want your cloud to just work. We’ll take care of your cloud for you so you can focus on your business.

Start building your private cloud today. Download the free, open source Rackspace Private Cloud Software including OpenCenter and have a Private Cloud powered by OpenStack up and running in less than an hour:

For a deeper technical drill-down into OpenCenter and high availability, check out the Rackspace DevOps Blog.

Jim Curry was a Senior Consultant with Rackspace. He joined the company in 2006 to run corporate development efforts, which included new business incubation, venture investing activities, and mergers and acquisitions, including the acquisitions of, Slicehost, Jungle Disk and Cloudkick. Three years later, Jim led the founding of the OpenStack project on behalf of Rackspace and was responsible for developing the community until its transition to the OpenStack Foundation in 2012. Jim has previously held executive positions with several technology startups, including Bowstreet and Tivoli, which have since been acquired by IBM. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from Harvard University. Jim and his wife Laurie have a son and twins, a boy and a girl. Follow Jim on Twitter at @jimcurry and on his blog at:


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