Designate Gaining Momentum As OpenStack DNS-as-a-Service

The OpenStack Technical Committee recently decided to incubate Designate, an authoritative multi-tenant DNS-as-a-Service for OpenStack that features a command line client, REST API and integrates with Nova, Neutron and Keystone. Reaching incubation status within OpenStack is a key milestone along the path to becoming an OpenStack core project. Here at Rackspace, we look back fondly on the past year of learning about and collaborating on the project, and we are looking forward to the adoption of Designate and the continued evolution of the OpenStack ecosystem.

In 2012, Kiall Mac Innes started a project named “Moniker” just before he joined HP; that project was later renamed to Designate. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kiall and other members of the HP Cloud DNS team at OpenStack Summit Portland in April 2013, where we took our first steps working together on this critical networking service. Shortly after the summit, HP submitted the project for incubation status and we quickly learned that Designate would need more community interest to support the incubation request. Since then, Designate has benefited from significant contributions by Rackspace, EBay, Red Hat, eNovance and several others. The need for greater community involvement was met.

Rackspace’s partnership with HP became most fruitful during a mini-Summit in January where we held our first group design sessions and evaluated some big new capabilities coming in Juno, the tenth OpenStack release.  More success followed in May with additional collaborations during OpenStack Summit Atlanta, where Designate team members co-presented three talks, completed more than 12 hours of Juno planning and reapplied for incubation.  The Rackspace Cloud DNS team is excited to see Designate earn incubation status, and we’re hard at work evaluating Designate’s ability to meet our customers’ needs.

You can learn more about how to install Designate at and set up Designate for domain name resolution at

Nicole is Product Manager of Cloud DNS. She started at Rackspace in 2006 as a Tech Writer and has held several roles within the company, including Technical Product Manager for Cloud Databases and Business Analyst for Cloud Load Balancers and Cloud DNS. Prior to Rackspace, she was a Tech Writer at Sirius Computer Solutions. Nicole graduated from St. Mary's University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in English / Communications degree, and held a full athletic scholarship for volleyball. She is the mother of three energetic boys and she loves to cook, dance, throw parties and laugh.


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