Develop Mobile Apps Quickly On The Rackspace Cloud

Filed in by Waqas Makhdum | April 9, 2013 7:23 am

There’s no denying that the world has gone mobile. Mobile technologies are disrupting nearly every industry. IDC estimates that this year mobile technologies will account for roughly 57 percent of the IT industry’s overall growth[1]. Clearly, mobile is the place to be – it’s where the web was in the 90s.

And it is the apps that make the mobile experience so powerful – IDC also estimates that 33 percent of all new apps will target mobile environments[2].

To capture this market transition, developers must move swiftly. Application developers have to quickly build and go to market with compelling apps. With our new mobile cloud stacks for developers[3] we’ve created purpose-built stacks to help you design, build, test, deploy and scale mobile apps on the Rackspace Cloud[4].

The mobile cloud stacks reduce complexity and are pre-configured to give you a frictionless environment to build great mobile apps. You can save valuable deployment time and you can focus on designing awesome apps while we manage the background operations. We free you up to innovate – you don’t have to start from scratch with every project. The mobile cloud stacks for developers draw on our years of experience hosting thousands of complex applications and we will offer reference architectures to get you started.

The first available stack is for PHP-based backend deployment and includes LAMP plus Varnishd (HTTP accelerator), Memcache, PHP memcache extensions and Alternative PHP Cache (APC). We’re also working to bring you stacks for Ruby on Rails and Node.js backends.

Along with the mobile cloud stacks, we’re beefing up our mobile partner ecosystem and adding some well-known names in the mobile app world. Working with our partners, you can create more agile mobile applications built for the cloud.

Our new partners include:

Our new mobile cloud stacks for developers and our mobile partner ecosystem, coupled with our award-winning Fanatical Support, are changing the game for mobile developers and offering a unique way for you to innovate and ride the wave of the mobile revolution.

Hear more about it in this video:

And for more information, check out our mobile-ready cloud stacks FAQ[6].

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