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Develop On The Rackspace Open Cloud With Vagrant


Developing on the Rackspace Open Cloud is now easier with the new Rackspace provider driver in Vagrant 1.1!

Vagrant is a Ruby-based tool for building and deploying virtualized development environments. Developers love it because it allows them to easily create and deploy reproducible development environments.

With Vagrant 1.1 and the new Rackspace driver you aren’t limited to your local machine and VirtualBox anymore. You can now also run your development machines on the Rackspace Open Cloud.

This allows you to utilize all of the benefits of the Rackspace Cloud, such as instances with up to 30 GB of memory, virtual machine snapshots, server resizing and more.

For information on how to get started and more in depth look of the advantages of Vagrant 1.1 on the Rackspace Open Cloud, head over to the DevOps Blog.

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  • K. Spoon

    Are there boxes based on the images offered for install in RS Cloud available for download anywhere?

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