Developers: Celebrate Collaboration, Innovation At Yahoo! Hack USA

Developers and hackers are driving innovation and building great things. As Stephen O’Grady writes in his book, developers are the “New Kingmakers” and are heralding a new era in the technology world.

Over the past several months, we’ve shown developers some love with the launch of Rackspace Developer Support and the Rackspace Cloud Developer Discount, two offers that make it easier and more affordable for developers to build awesome things on the cloud. And we’re not stopping there.

This weekend, we’re going to keep the momentum going when we head out to Sunnyvale as a sponsor of Yahoo! Hack USA: Sunnyvale 2013.

The two-day event (September 28 and September 29 at Yahoo! HQ) will celebrate collaboration, learning and innovation using the world’s top technologies. Developers from across the country will band together to build hacks, learn from experts and play interactive games.

For our part, we’re offering free Rackspace cloud accounts for the teams throughout the event. We’re pumped to be able to team up with Yahoo!, a fellow member of the OpenStack community, to support our nation’s developers.

Throughout the event, attendees will have time to hack and present their work to judges. There’s also a jam-packed agenda featuring a host of speakers talking on a number of key topics, including NodeJS, open source, cross-platform mobile development, app design, big data, APIs and more.

Registration is free and you can apply now: We’ll see you there.

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