Developing, Deploying Quickly On The Cloud

By Giacomo Orizzonte, Head of Production, TeamSourcing

At TeamSourcing, one of our passions is doing things quickly. We don’t set limits. We constantly strive to offer new things for our clients, and if we don’t have what they’re looking for, we build it. Our development team is charged with moving rapidly to ensure our customers are happy.

In just nine years TeamSourcing has grown from a small mobile content provider for Ecuador’s two mobile operators to working with many companies across nine countries in Latin America. We started with five employees, and have grown to nearly 60.

Our clients aren’t end users. They’re mobile providers and operators. We provide them mobile content products that they can sell on their own. We need to keep our relationship with carriers at 100 percent, and keep service at 100 percent so the carriers can give their clients – the mobile end users – stable and reliable service. We’ve also recently added mobile solutions on the cloud for banks and corporate customers.

Mobile solutions require a secure network. We looked at different providers, and found Rackspace. We started out with Rackspace Dedicated Servers and have scaled that service each year. We’ve grown along with Rackspace, adding new services as our needs and market mature. Three years ago we started using Rackspace’s public cloud with Cloud Files; and last year we started using OpenStack as part of our plan to grow our business further. Now, we have private OpenStack infrastructure installed on Rackspace Dedicated Servers. Our environment is a mix of Rackspace services and we’re heading toward eventually having all of our services on OpenStack.

At TeamSourcing, we have three key teams: the development team, the production team and the investigation team. I lead the production team, and I am responsible for keeping the infrastructure, the security and all the company’s IT operations running smoothly. My department tries the different tools, tests servers and load balancers, performs stress tests and so on, so our developers can work on building great things while we implement what they develop.

Our developers love the cloud – they run most tests and development on the Rackspace public cloud. For us, Rackspace has been a huge help, especially as we increase the services and products we offer. We’ve started working on mobile banking products, which required us to spin up more servers, so OpenStack has greatly reduced our costs.

Moving forward, our goal is to eliminate traditional infrastructure altogether and move everything to OpenStack. The cloud gives us the ability to grow and scale as quickly as our business demands it and helps our developers rapidly build exciting new products.

This is a guest post written and contributed by Giacomo Orizzonte, head of production at TeamSourcing, a Rackspace customer. TeamSourcing, based in Ecuador, is one of the leading providers of mobile content and services in Latin America.

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