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Ziad is the Director of Product at Rackspace

Last week OpenStack announced the release of the latest version of OpenStack, Diablo (see here how we name releases).  As a founder of OpenStack, Rackspace is excited to see the fourth release of the community driven software become a reality.  In just over a year the OpenStack community has grown phenomenally and now is supported by over 110 companies!

As an active member of the OpenStack community and the technical lead (PTL) of Keystone, I am thrilled at the rapid progress OpenStack is making and super excited for the future of OpenStack. The Diablo code release includes nearly 70 new features and enhancements making it possible for a broader community of users to deploy OpenStack clouds in production on a global scale.   OpenStack Diablo improves the existing core projects: OpenStack Compute (code name Nova), OpenStack Object storage (code name Swift) and OpenStack Image Service (code name Glance).  In addition to those, new projects are in the OpenStack Incubator program and two of those have been accepted into core for Essex, the next release; OpenStack Dashboard and OpenStack Identity (code name Keystone).

Keystone is one of OpenStack’s newest projects. Our goal with Keystone is to allow people to download, install, and run OpenStack intheir environments using their own, local usernames and passwords. We want that experience to be easy and seamless. And soon the Rackspace Cloud will be supporting the Keystone API.

As a big supporter of OpenStack, Rackspace has hundreds of developers incorporating OpenStack into Rackspace products.   In the future all of our cloud products will be operating on OpenStack.  Overall we want to make a cloud operating system that allows people to have a choice of providers for their data and configurations and be able to freely move from provider to provider.

Rackspace has been running OpenStack Object Storage in production since the announcement of OpenStack last year.   The OpenStack Compute Alpha is in full swing.  Rackspace began testing OpenStack Compute in our data centers this summer and is looking forward to the beta soon.  Every month we make big strides in making an open cloud environment for our 150,000 customers.  The Diablo release is another milestone reached and will make OpenStack that much stronger as we continue to incorporate and deliver Rackspace products deployed on OpenStack.

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Ziad Sawalha.

Ziad Sawalha is a Director in the Product organization at Rackspace. He spends his time creating, designing, coding and evangelizing solutions to customer problems. He was the first PTL for Keystone - the identity service in OpenStack - which he lead through incubation to becoming a core project. He architected Rackspace's Hosted SharePoint offer. And most recently, he helped create and launch the Rackspace Deployments Service.

His work before joining Rackspace included consulting in technology, being CTO at Mi8 Corporation in New York and hopping on and off boats, helicopters and oil rigs in Qatar doing all things technology at Occidental Petroleum.

When he's not persistently thinking through technology issues he's busy juggling being a father to newborn twins and his 4-year-old son, trying to win points as a good husband, playing with Steve the dog or letting the chickens out of the coop (which often docks him points on the "good husband" scale).

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