Directory Sync: Easy Active Directory Integration For Your Email

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Brooke Jackson | June 28, 2013 10:00 am

The larger your business, the harder it is to manage email. But it shouldn’t be.

Now you can add email management to your list of easy tasks (which also likely includes Active Directory).

In April we launched our Directory Sync Preview[1] and loved hearing from you about your experiences using it. We listened to the kudos and to the pain points and made some corrections. Today, Rackspace Directory Sync is available for all US and UK Email & Apps customers.

Rackspace Directory Sync is one of many continued improvements we’ll make to our Email Hosting[2] service over the next several months. These improvements are designed to simplify email management for mid-sized and large organizations.

Who benefits from Directory Sync? If your organization has complex IT policies, a dispersed workforce, a larger number of employees and an established Active Directory, you should see immediate time savings.

Once you’re using the Rackspace Directory Sync service you can expect happy end users who now only have one password to remember for both their network and email credentials. You’ll also breathe a bit easier yourself because you can manage your users’ network and email information from a single location, Active Directory.

Already hosting email with Rackspace?  You can find the tool by navigating to your control panel and accessing the download, which you will install on your local hardware.  If you have any questions regarding Directory Sync, please reach out to your Email Support team for more information.

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