Do You Have A Big Data Problem?

The world of big data is vast. And organizations trying to prepare for success by harnessing the power of data analytics can sometimes fall victim to confusion and tricky marketing. But one thing that is often left out of the conversation is the awareness of the big data problem. With the heightened expectations that big data promises, it’s important to put your data considerations in the context of a realistic discussion around your organization’s needs, use cases and tools.

The quantifiable volume of data is not always the best indicator of a big data problem –additional considerations and more planning are required to achieve success.

Rackspace Senior Architects Kevin Parker and Matt Richins have partnered with multiple organizations to help them sift through the important concepts to consider when making infrastructure choices and how those will impact a big data strategy. In the upcoming webinar, “Do I Have Big Data Problems?,” Parker and Richins will discuss key considerations, common patterns and technical gotchas users need to be mindful of in order to address the three defining characteristics of big data: Volume, Velocity and Variety. During this conversation, we will explore each of these areas and the applicable technologies that may help you adopt and optimize your data platform in a quick and non-disruptive way.

Register now to join us at 11 a.m. CDT on Wednesday, October 9.

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