Does Your Inbox Have Xobni?

Anyone out there tried Xobni yet? It is an Outlook plug-in that helps users organize email and attachments. They just received $7 million in financing from Cisco and others. So, it looks like they’ll be around for a while. We’d love to hear feedback if you’ve tried it.
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  1. xobni adds a great deal of value. Even if you do not use Outlook contacts…

    Xobni organizes contacts by email address and looks to the signatures of emails to pull contact information. You may also enable linkedin to pull additional information including their profile photo.

    Outlook 2007 took a HUGE leap forward with their search feature but I often find Xobni more useful. How often do you find yourself looking for the attachment you know was sent? If you search for a person not only will it pull up emails from all your folders, but it also groups recent attachments.

    Here’s a tip: adding Xobni adds a menu to Outlook. I often turn Xobni off to save space (yes, even though you can collapse it). I don’t know for sure but I think it improves performance on my otherwise old-as-crap laptop.

    Microsoft was in talks to acquire Xobni but the Xobni team weren’t interested in being folded into Microsoft as a feature. But in reality, Xobni is simply a nice feature of Outlook.


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