Domain Name Management 2.0

Yesterday we launched the second phase of our Domain Name Management system. This is a big one that will provide our customers with a lot more control over their domain names and settings. This phase of the project allows our customers to:
– Manage DNS Settings
– Manage Domain Name Servers
– Manage WHOIS Information
– Lock a domain to prevent transfer
Will has been the primary developer on this project. BL spent a lot of time the last two weeks putting the final touches on it, code reviewing, and testing it thoroughly. Ben P, Nell-Marie, Manny, and Bill, also played large roles in planning, design, and implementation. Thanks to all for a great team effort.

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  1. I’ve bounced back and forth from using an e-mail hosting provider to hosting it myself, trying several different companies over the last 5 years. Thank you for ending my search! I’ve been so pleased with your services and the continued improvements, clean Web interface (what a concept!) and generous storage space for a reasonable price. This upgrade to the DNS management system only reconfirms that I’ve found my e-mail hosting home. Keep it up guys!


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