Dome9: Automated Firewall Management for Rackspace Cloud Servers

    This is a guest post written by Zohar Alon, Co-Founder and CEO of Dome9 Security, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. Dome9 provides the first-ever automated cloud firewall management service to secure your Rackspace Cloud.



    You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked in a public parking lot…don’t leave your server unlocked in Rackspace Cloud.

    Today, when you host a server in Rackspace Cloud you often leave administrative ports like SSH and RDP open, so you can connect to and manage your Cloud Server.  Unfortunately, this leaves gaping holes for hackers and malware to exploit and gain control of your infrastructure.

    Dome9 Security closes all administrative ports on your Rackspace Cloud Server and gives you 1-click secure access, automated controls, and rich auditing to see and manage who’s connecting to you cloud servers.

    With Dome9, for example, you can close RDP on a Windows server or SSH on Linux, by default, yet enable on-demand secure access – with the click of a button – for only an hour for either yourself or another authorized user.  Then, at the end of that hour, Dome9 will automatically close the port on your server, ensuring it’s secure. You never have to statically manage Linux iptables, a Windows Firewall, or a third-party firewall – Dome9 automates firewall management, centrally, for all your servers and clouds.

    Dome9 is a revolutionary cloud security service that lets you:

    ♣    Secure your Cloud Server by closing administrative ports and enabling secure access only when, for whom, and as long as is needed
    ♣    Consolidate management across all of your cloud servers into one SaaS security management solution
    ♣    Automate controls with time-based, secure access to reduce administrative headaches and end server lockouts
    ♣    Infinitely scale your security to be as elastic as your cloud

    Dome9 supports all operating systems and takes less than a minute to sign up. So give Dome9 a try – it’s free for 14-days.

    Click here to sign up now.

    Secure Your Cloud™ with Dome9. For more information, visit us at


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