Don’t Fear Things That Go Bump In The Night

When you host at Rackspace, you are not just getting our cloud infrastructure, you are also getting our world class Fanatical Support. We love our customers and want to do everything possible to help, and if you have a question or concern we’re here 24x7x365.

Rackspace also offers a managed support level for your cloud hosting needs. This team of system administrators and account managers are experts in the cloud – they take the reins so you can focus on your business. Finally, we know that many people need a hybrid hosting solution that requires both a presence with both a dedicated and cloud configuration. For these folks, we have a solution called RackConnect that provides a link to both of those types of configurations. Now that’s fanatical!

With Rackspace working behind the scenes, you can sleep easy without fear of things that go bump in the night.