Don’t Let Security Be An Afterthought

This week, our Anatomy Of An Attack infographic showcased steps hackers may take to crack into your systems. The goal was to show the discovery process that an attacker goes through when looking to do something nasty. We’re not looking to spark fear, but instead to instill some common sense goals to lock down systems before attackers have a chance to penetrate them.

“The Anatomy Of An Attack really walks you through some of the methods attackers use. What it tries to highlight is that an attacker goes through several processes of discovery,” said Tam Vu, senior solutions architect with Alert Logic, a cloud Security-as-a-Service and managed security provider and Rackspace partner. Alert Logic sponsored the Anatomy Of An Attack infographic.

According to Tam, the attack methods showcased may seem benign on the surface, but if one is exploited, the affects could be damaging. The question then becomes: how do you protect yourself and be better aware of what’s going on?

Tam said it’s imperative to protect your environment. Through tools, technology and awareness, organizations become proactive about security, instead of reactive, meaning they can know about and thwart a potential security issue before any damage is done.

Rackspace currently uses Alert Logic Threat Manager and offers it to customers as part of its enterprise security portfolio. Threat Manger is a cloud-powered vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection offering delivered via SaaS. It gives users the ability to defend and protect systems against internal and external threats.

Tam said security issues can have in impact regardless of company size – from the largest enterprise to the smallest SMB. And getting a security plan in place early on is key to avoiding an incident.

“Security tends to be an afterthought,” he said, “and it doesn’t get a focus until an incident has happened. And by then it’s too late.”

The fallout from an attack – data loss, negative PR and other pitfalls – are incredibly damaging to a company and its reputation.

“The correct philosophy should be to take a proactive approach,” Tam said. “And we’re taking complex security challenges and delivering it in a model where it’s easy for customers to reap the benefits.”

Rackspace is Alert Logic’s oldest service provider partner, and with Alert Logic Threat Manager, Rackspace offers customers intrusion detection and vulnerability assessments that allow customers to find vulnerabilities in their environment while also taking advantage of a patented seven-factor threat modeling scenario that monitors traffic to identify attacks.

On top of that managed service, Alert Logic offers its 24×7 security operations center staffed by certified analysts that look at every security incident adding expert validation and ruling out false positives.


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