Drive Revenue Through Your Website With The Cloud Affiliate Program

Want to promote Rackspace while earning revenue through your website?

With the Rackspace Cloud Affiliate Program it’s simple. We give you access to tools, web banners and tracking links that you can place on your website and promote to your customer base. Affiliates are compensated $50 for each new account that is created once that account reaches $150 in billings during a 12-month period.

You’ll have your own unique affiliate control panel through which you can see real-time data including clicks and conversations, your web traffic and payout information.

As an affiliate, you can promote the entire Rackspace Cloud portfolio, including Cloud Servers, Cloud Sites, Cloud Files, Cloud Databases, Cloud Block Storage, Cloud Backup, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Load Balancers and Cloud DNS.

The Cloud Affiliate Program is free to join and there are no minimum requirements.

To start driving revenue with your website, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Apply to the Rackspace Cloud Affiliate Program
  2. Use web banners and links to promote the Rackspace Cloud
  3. Earn commissions

For more information and to sign up for the Rackspace Cloud Affiliate Program, check out:

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