Easier Conference Room and Equipment Scheduling

Our large office has lots of demand for the few meeting areas and related equipment in building. We’ve been scheduling meeting rooms with a paper signup sheet. Equipment, like projectors and conferencing gear, are first come, first served. Barring hiring someone to manage it all, how can we make scheduling meeting areas and equipment efficient?

Before you implement expensive scheduling software or put an ad in the paper for a meeting room concierge, take a look at your email. If you’re using Exchange, you have access to a feature called resource mailboxes that lets you manage meeting rooms and equipment from your inbox.

With Hosted Exchange service at Rackspace, you can add resource mailboxes to your account at no charge. For each resource, meeting rooms, projectors—even company vehicles and computer equipment—you’ll create a mailbox. The mailbox has a calendar attached to it that can be shared with everyone to view availability. When a meeting is being scheduled, organizers just add the meeting room to the list of attendees. To reserve a resource, requestors simply create a new meeting between themselves and the resource. Resource mailboxes receive the invite and automatically respond with the resource availability. The time then shows busy and everyone can see who has reserved the resource.

For step-by-step instructions on managing resource mailboxes in Exchange, view the Resources area of our Support Site.

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  • Alex

    Hi, I m an interior designer and am taking up a project to design an office space in the next month . Needless to say, conference room is going to be a part of the project. All I had been reading till now is about projectors, printers and desks one should have for the employees to say…WOW! What a conference room! What an office or something innovative. To ensure at the end of the day that employees find their work space user friendly.

    You know all I was reading until now is http://www.become.com/hub/business-office/office-electronic-equipment/essential-office-electronics-printer-projector/ And I thought I was doing the most important thing for the staff until I read your article.
    Thanks for letting me know about this. A lot more has to be done!

  • Tom

    Great point on Exchange and Resource Mailboxes. There is also a great solution that can connect directly to those Resource Mailboxes and display the Meeting Room Schedule outside the room on an iPad or any other tablet device http://www.emergingsoft.com/meetingplanner-touch