Easily Scale Your Cloud With Rackspace Auto Scale

Filed in Product & Development by Sanjay Sohoni | November 20, 2013 1:30 pm

The biggest benefit of the cloud is its ability to scale. Today, we make that easier with Unlimited Availability of Rackspace Auto Scale—a new tool that empowers you to grow or shrink your cloud dynamically. The product is offered for free to Rackspace customers, though you will still be charged for the cloud servers you utilize in scaling.

Auto Scale is driven by Schedule-based and Event-based policies, each with its own unique characteristics:


You should consider Auto Scale when you expect significant additional demand on your application at specific times. For example:


You can also use Rackspace Auto Scale when you are monitoring your servers and detect that you need to add or reduce capacity based on the load. For example:

To accomplish Event-based scaling up or down, Rackspace Auto Scale generates a webhook (capability URL) which can be used to invoke a specific scale-up or scale-down policy for a group of servers. By providing webhooks to your monitoring infrastructure, the size of your infrastructure can adapt to customer usage automatically.

Setting up Auto Scale is simple.

  1. Create a Scaling Group — a group of servers that will grow, or shrink, in number according to your rules.
  2. Create Scaling Rules using Monitoring – if you will use events rather than a schedule to trigger scaling — what thresholds or events to watch for (CPU load, queue length, req/sec, etc).
  3. Create a Scaling Policy— this defines how much to grow or shrink capacity.  For schedule-based scaling, you would also define when to do so. Rackspace Auto Scale will take care of the rest.

To learn how simple it is to use Auto Scale in the Control Panel, take a look at the blog Start Using Auto Scale Today[1].

  1. Start Using Auto Scale Today: http://www.rackspace.com/blog/start-using-auto-scale-today/

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